Our Mission

We have witnessed firsthand how strategic alignment unleashes incredible power in an organization, and for that reason, have made it the foundational concept of our consulting practice. Strategic alignment brings together the elements of an organization to work in harmony toward the same purpose, enabling it not only to survive, but to thrive. Alignment allows an organization to handle critical issues that threaten success within its internal and external environments. To make an immediate impact on an organization's overall performance and bottom line, we emphasize aligning these four areas: 


Organization (and its Vision, Mission, Goals and Strategy)

  • How accurately do your culture and the perceptions of internal and external stakeholders reflect your goals, values, and objectives?

  • How do perceptions of internal and external stakeholders align?


  • How effectively do your internal systems and processes promote the loyalty of your customers?

  • Do your systems support and encourage your people to satisfy the needs of customers?


  • What do your people need to help the organization achieve its vision?

  • What do you need from your people?


  • What do your customers want/need from you, now and in the future?

  • How do your customers perceive your organization? Do these perceptions match the image you are trying to convey?

When an organization achieves alignment, stakeholders (customers, employees, community members, governing boards, etc.) are satisfied. Individuals and work systems are more productive and innovative. Retention, loyalty, and healthy work environments are found in the midst of financial health and growth. Why? Because the aligned organization has a solid core ideology and a shared vision. Endeavors undertaken by the organization are evaluated against these foundational elements. 

Our Values

To align individuals and systems with an organization/community's aspirations and goals, thereby creating an environment that supports growth and improvement. We accomplish this by providing blended strategies and ethical, focused, affordable services.


Finding the organization's leverage points: areas where actions and changes lead to significant and enduring improvements. Techniques may include focus groups, interviews, surveys, or process/workflow analysis, depending upon the information required and the scope of the assessment.


After key leverage points have been determined, we partner with you to craft initiatives that meet your organization's unique needs and leverage its strengths to meet existing opportunities. These may include strategy development, process innovation or work redesign, changes in organizational structure, competency assessments and/or modeling, and the like.


Through the commitment and participation of the organization's key people, initiatives are implemented. Measurement systems that employ the use of both financial and non-financial indicators monitor the success of these initiatives.

Achieving Alignment

  • Organizational Structure/Systems Analysis

  • Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Training and Performance Improvement

Clients Served (partial list)

Strategic Organizational Alignment

Positioning Your Organization for Strength and Success

  • Management/Leadership Development

  • ​Strengths Assessment/Development
  • ​Team and Individual Development

Our Principles

  • Organization/Community Development

  • ​Sustainability Initiatives

A Nature Preserve, Leadership Center, and Consultancy

  • honesty and integrity, first and foremost
  • diligence in going above and beyond to help our clients succeed
  • strategies that increase the capacity of individuals, systems, organizations, and communities
  • the highest standards of operation
  • the inherent worth of each individual
  • a commitment to quality
  • a positive, productive, and healthy work environment
  • the enjoyment of our work by incorporating humor and fun

Pierce County Public Health

Pierce-Pepin Cooperative Services

River Falls Area Chamber of Commerce
River Falls Partnership for Youth
St. Croix Valley Angel Network
Target Corporation
Thomson Reuters
United Way of the St. Paul Area
University of Minnesota
University of Wisconsin
Valspar Corporation

Integral Consulting Group

Experienced and effective leadership and organization development consultation

3M Corporation

Assembly Services & Packaging, Inc.
Be The Match / the National Marrow Donor Program

City of River Falls
Dakota County
Go East Design
HealthCare Compensation Strategies
Hudson Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau
Hudson Hospital
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Management Assistance Program
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Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan Council
Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Transit
Neighborhood Involvement Program
Oakdale Business & Professional Association
Oakdale Precision, Inc.

Our Saviour’s Community Services
Pierce County Economic Development Corporation